Stima SACCO Mombasa branch in Partnership with Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) and the Institute of Human Resource Management (IHRM) organized a corporate dinner at WildWaters Mombasa on 5th July 2019. The theme of the dinner was The Role of Managers/ Directors and Employees in Financial Management.

Stima DT SACCO is a market leader offering unique world class financial services to its members for the last 45 years in Kenya. Their mission is to empower members for life through the provision of financial solutions that suit members’ needs. 

While providing financial services to members, Stima DT SACCO have established a gap in terms of accessing financial information and education as regards to saving, borrowing and investing. Money matters can seem mystifying and at times can be difficult to navigate especially in the era of mobile lending apps, shylocks or pay day loans among others. It is with hindsight that Stima DT SACCO has seen the need to partner with Employers and the business community to promote prudent financial management practices in our community and country at large.

Their solutions are designed to give members a clear understanding of how to manage their personal finances, make investments and become financially independent. Education, training and provision of information is one of the seven internationally recognized co-operative principles upon which cooperatives are founded and Stima DT SACCO is a great advocate for this.

Their Value proposition to the employers, employees, small and medium businesses is that they will enjoy personalized, fairly priced solutions as their members while at the same time accessing free financial management education to improve their financial wellness. They benefit from being owner-members and shareholders who get attractive Returns on their Investment. solutions include and are not limited to Housing credit facilities, Trade Financing, Asset Financing, Working capital,  Salary Processing, Short & Long term credit facilities, Estate planning and retirement, Wealth creation products, Free financial information and education,  Mobile platforms for credit and MPAWA self-service #489# .

The dinner provided a great avenue for networking with over 300 managers, CEO’s and directors from different organizations in attendance.


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