The Kenya National Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the National Government through the office of the County Commissioner to help improve the security and welfare issues around the county.

On Wednesday September 23rd, the chamber hosted the Mombasa County Commissioner Mr. Gilbert Kitiyo, to chair a meeting that was attended by the KNCCI Chairman Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan, Vice Chairlady Ms. Jacqueline Waihenya and the board of directors. The discussions revolved around the various projects that the National Government has implemented to improve the pandemic situation including the Kazi Mtaani project to support the youth and the distri  bution of 1,000 Shillings per week to the vulnerable to sustain them.

Security Issues that were affecting business owners and the residents of the county for example the displacement of informal traders in Marikiti and the harassment of business owners by the police were also discussed and the commitment to look into them and provide long lasting solutions was made.

With this Partnership, KNCCI as part of the Private Sector will be able to support the works of the government to make Mombasa County a peaceful and serine place to be.

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