Mombasa Port Community Charter Evaluation,Review and Revision

Today the KNCCI Mombasa Vice Chairman and National Chairman of the KNCCI IMPEX club Mr. Mustafa Ramadhan held a meeting at the KNCCI Mombasa office with Africa Economic and Social Development Consultants to evaluate and review the Mombasa Port Community Charter. 

The Mombasa Community Charter was launched by H. E President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2014 in abide to improve infrastructure and prosper development.

The set out goals of the Mombasa Port Community Charter were to;
a) Establish a permanent framework of collaboration that binds the Port Community to specific actions, collective obligations, targets and timelines.
b) Complement the individual institutions service charters by way of adoption where appropriate, in a holistic approach along the Mombasa Corridor.
c) Introduce education and publicize to cargo owners, traders, labour unions, civil society and the general public the best industry practices and the guiding principles, and inculcate acceptance behaviour by all citizens participating in international trade: and
d) Develop and implement a self-monitoring mechanism to ensure implementation of collective community obligations. The senior managers of the participating Port Community entities shall voluntarily submit themselves to sanctions for breach of any of the collective obligations.

The review will give an inaction of how much has been achieved since the launch and also identify areas that require more effort and attention. 




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